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What is the status of my application?

Once you submit your application, the Admissions Office will either email or send a letter to you noting your status. If your application is incomplete, this communication will tell you the outstanding requirements needed. If you need additional information on completing these requirements, you can visit DMACC website. You can also contact the DMACC Admissions Office directly at 515-965-7337, 1-800-TO-DMACC, ext. 7337 or via email. We will be more than happy to review your application status with you.

How do I fulfill the English, math and reading assessments?

The assessment requirements are explained in detail here: Assessment Guidelines.

How do I get my ACT scores?

Most times, the easiest and fastest way to get a copy of your ACT scores is to contact your high school. If your high school does not have a copy of your scores, you can request that ACT sends your scores to us. ACT scores can be requested by going to ACT scores or by calling their offices at (319) 337-1313. The DMACC ACT code is 1272. There may be a fee associated with requesting these scores through ACT.

How do I schedule a COMPASS test?

You will want to contact the Assessment Center on the campus in which you want to take the test. The centers’ phone numbers are located on the Testing Center website.

How do I change my program?

In order to switch your program, you will need to fill out a Program Change Form. This form can be located online at online or at any one of our campuses.

Do I need to have my transcripts, both high school and college sent?

Depending on which program you applied for, we may need a copy of your high school and/or college transcript. The communication you receive from DMACC after your initial application with let you know if we need to review your high school transcript or if we need verification of high school completion or equivalent. If you want transfer credit for previous college coursework you took, you will want to have official transcripts sent directly to DMACC from your previous institution. Our Credentials Office will evaluate the coursework and mail you out a DMACC transcript showing which courses transfer over for the program you signed up for. The evaluation process, from once we receive your transcript, usually takes no more than a few weeks.

How do I check to see if my transcript has been received at DMACC?

You may contact any one in our Admissions Office by calling 515-965-7337, 1-800-TO-DMACC or by email.

How long is the waiting list for my program?

Each waiting list is specific to the program and campus in which you applied. You can contact the Admissions Office at 515-965-7337, 1-800-TO-DMACC, ext. 7337 or via email for approximate wait times for each program.

I am a high school student and I want to take a course at DMACC other than through my high school or PSEO. What do I need to do?

Please visit the Admissions for High School Student page for specific instructions.

I’ve been in Iowa for 90 days, why is my tuition so high?

When residency is in question, the burden of proof of domicile is the student’s responsibility. You will want to provide us with documentation that you have been a resident of Iowa for a minimum of 90 days. Go to the Residency Form, download the Request for Residency form, complete it, and provide two of the listed items. This must be submitted before the first day of the term for which you are applying. This documentation can be turned into the Admissions Office or any DMACC campus. It will be reviewed by the Executive Dean of Student Services. Once the decision has been made, you will receive notification of the outcome. To check on the status of a submitted residency request, you may contact Megan Ueltschy at 515-964-6320, 1-800-TO-DMACC, ext. 6320 or via email.

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