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What is the COMPASS test?

ACT Compass is a computer-adaptive college placement test that lets educators:

  • Evaluate incoming students' skill levels in Reading, Writing Skills, and English as a Second Language, and is used as a part of the admission entry requirement.
  • Place students in appropriate courses
  • Connect students to the resources they need to achieve academic success
  • Is there a charge for COMPASS testing?

    The COMPASS test is free of charge.

    Is COMPASS timed?

    The COMPASS test is not a timed test. Please allow yourself one and one-half to two hours to complete.

    If I don’t pass the COMPASS test, can I still come to DMACC?

    The COMPASS Assessment is not a “pass/fail” test. It’s used for academic placement. You will not be denied admission to DMACC based on your COMPASS test scores.

    May I retake the COMPASS test?

    Yes, you may retake the COMPASS Assessment, but it would not be necessary unless the program you have applied for has specific minimum score requirements that you did not attain on your first attempt. There is a mandatory two week waiting period before retesting and retesting fees may apply.

    May I use a calculator when taking the COMPASS test?

    You may not use your personal calculator. There are two calculators built into the math program, one is standard and one is scientific. Personal calculators are not allowed. DMACC will provide scratch paper and a pencil.

    What do I need to study to prepare for the COMPASS test?

    COMPASS is an academic assessment tool used toidentify the skill level at which you are currently working & determine the level of coursework for you to start. ACT provides sample test questions on the ACT website.

    Is the COMPASS test taken on the computer?

    The COMPASS test is a computer-based test.

    Will DMACC accept my COMPASS scores if I took the test at another school?

    DMACC will accept your COMPASS scores from another institution. You must request that these scores are sent to DMACC.

    May I take the COMPASS test at DMACC if I am planning on attending another college?

    You may request that your COMPASS scores be sent to the corresponding institution. A $20 fee is charged to send scores to other colleges.

    Where may I take a COMPASS test?

    COMPASS tests are administered at most DMACC campuses. Please follow this link to the Testing Center, and select the campus where you would like to test.

    Is COMPASS the only assessment required for Admission?

    Students will also need to complete ALEKS the math placement assessment, unless submitting ACT scores higher than 19.

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