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 Bears Scoreboard

As of 5/20/16
Team Record: 52-8
Conference: 25-3
May 20, 2016
NJCAA Softball World Series
vs. #2 Phoneix
May 19, 2016
NJCAA Softball World Series
vs. #16 Mercyhurst North East
May 19, 2016
Division II NJCAA Softball World Series
vs. #1 LSU-Eunice
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Map to Softball Field

If you or your parents have questions, please contact us via phone, email, or text:
Head Coach:
Bob Ligouri
Phone: 515-371-4846
email: rjligouri@gmail.com

Assistant Coach:
Daron Harris
Phone: 515-333-0357
email: drharris@dmacc.edu

Assistant Coach:
John Wilkinson:
Phone: 515-314-3696
email: jawilkinson1948@gmail.com 

If you are interested in playing softball at DMACC, complete our athletic interest form to get started.

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