Visual Communications (Graphic Design/Web)

This Tech Prep program provides students the opportunity to learn the basics of creating a web page along with computer graphics using multiple software packages. A total of 15 DMACC credits are available upon completion of all DMACC Career Academy course offerings.


  • Ames Career Academy/Hunziker Center
    M-F 12:50-2:50 pm
  • DMACC Ankeny Campus
    M-F 12:45-2:45 pm

What can I expect to learn in this academy?

Students will learn the basics of creating a web page along with computer graphics, using multiple software packages.

What other courses should I take while in high school to prepare me for this career?

Composition, Speech, Business Math, Applied Math, Algebra, Human Relations, Business Law, Keyboarding, General business, Computer Science.

DMACC credits you can earn while in high school:
GRD 301
(Ankeny & Ames)
Intro to Desktop Publishing - 3 credits
Find out for yourself if the Mac does what a PC does, only better! This course uses the world's most advanced operating system to introduce you to a suite of graphic design industry standard software. Learn basic digital illustration, imaging and page layout techniques in a state- of-the-art Macintosh computer lab. Prerequisite: ADM 105 or equivalent.
GRD 403
(Ankeny & Ames)
Communication Design I - 3 credits
Examine the history of graphic design and learn fundamental design principles. Study color theory and learn to follow the design process to create a variety of communication design pieces.
GRD 405
(Ankeny & Ames)
Typography I- 3 credits
This course explores the history, structure and fundamental principles of typography as it relates to graphic design. Topics include: typeface identification, study of typeface design, designing with type and typographic grid systems. Students build skills with the basic elements of typography.
GRD 463
(Ankeny & Ames)
Photoshop- 3 credits
Adobe Photoshop is the ultimate playground for bringing out the best in your digital images and transforming them into anything you can imagine. Gain a solid foundation of basic functions to create and enhance visually dynamic images in a state-of-the-art Macintosh computer lab.
GRD 470
(Ankeny & Ames)
Interactive Media I- 3 credits
Learn a professional workflow using Fireworks, Flash and Dreamweaver to create a website from the initial visual design to going "live" on the web. Going beyond just teaching software, this course focuses on the workflow and the skills needed in each software package to get your site actually up and running on the web.
GRD 471 Interactive Media II - 3 credits
Interactive Media II aligns with the Adobe Digital Design: Foundations of Web Design curriculum and is the second of two semesters. A personal capstone project is created allowing students to refine key communication skills in design, communication, project management and web technology using Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver and Fireworks. Prerequisite: GRD 470
CIS 204 Intro to Website Development - 3credits
Introduces HTML and DHTML concepts and technologies. Includes HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and the Document Object Model (DOM). Students will use a variety of current software development tools to build and publish business-oriented website applications. Prerequisite: CSC 110

How do I register?

See your high school principal or guidance counselor.

DMACC Career Advantage/Career Academy Contacts

Jen Rathje
Academic Advisor
Ames Career Academy/Hunziker Center

Gail Zehr
Academic Advisor
Ankeny Campus

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