Knoxville High School

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Traci Lee, Academic Advisor  
Office: 515-287-8715

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The following courses are offered at Knoxville High School for DMACC college credit. The courses are taught by Knoxville High School instructors certified by DMACC. Through a partnership with Knoxville High School and DMACC, the cost of the course is covered by the high school at no charge to the student.

High School CourseDMACC Course #DMACC Course NameCreditsNotes
Ag Business ManagementAGC314Leadership in Agriculture2Fall
Advanced ChemistryCHM165 General/Inorg Chem I4
Advanced ChemistryCHM175 General/Inorg Chem II4
Construction TradesCON333Materials/Construction Theory5
Construction TradesCON336Care/Use of Hand/Power Tools1
Construction TradesCON337Construction Blueprint Reading1
Nurse AideHSC172 Nurse Aide 75 Hours3
Fall. DMACC instructor at Knoxville Hospital
Nurse AideHSC182 Advanced Nurse Aide3
Spring. DMACC instructor at Knoxville Hospital
StatisticsMAT157Elementary Statistics4
Fall and Spring
CalculusMAT211Calculus I5
Intro to PsychologyPSY111Introduction to Psychology3Fall

*Course offerings are subject to change.  Please contact your Career Advantage advisor or school counselor for updates and/or questions.

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