College Knowledge ... News from Out There

College Knowledge ... News from out there 

7 Valuable Associates Degress
MSN Careerbuilders

With annual tuition for many two-year programs costing as little as $5,000, an associate degree is just about the best bang for the education buck you can find. According to the Census Bureau, associate degree holders earn an average of $400,000 more over a lifetime than high-school graduates. [READ MORE]

Student debt expected to exceed $1 trillion
NBC Today Show

5 Tips for finding a job with a start-up
Startup Professionals Musings

For those of you who want to get in on the ground floor of a new venture, but haven't yet worked up the nerve to start your own, begin with a job at a start-up. But first you should ask yourself if you are prepared for the realities. Working for a start-up is not a career choice, but more of a lifestyle. [READ MORE]

Student debt expected to exceed $1 trillion
NBC Today Show

TODAY's financial editor Jean Chatzky takes a look at the soaring student loan debt in America, which is expected to exceed one trillion dollars this year. [VIEW VIDEO]

Ten Things College Students Waste Money On
Forbes Magazine

When we made the decision to pay for my son's college education many years ago, we never expected the price of tuition to almost double just as he entered the University of California. To top it all off, the timing of his freshman year followed a decade of lackluster growth in his college fund. We are not alone as parents everywhere are struggling to help their children walk across the stage in the cap and gown to gain a coveted college diploma. [READ MORE]

The 10 Jobs Where Hiring Will Surge In 2011
Business Insider

Even with unemployment lingering at 9%, there are industries that are rapidly increasing their hiring rates. Online training company, compiled data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and other sources, to compile a list of industries hiring in 2011. [READ MORE]

Degrees That Get You Hired: Six In-Demand Degrees
Yahoo Education

Come graduation time, the English major, history buff, computer whiz, and business student all look alike in their caps and gowns. Their job prospects, on the other hand, look very different. [READ MORE]

10 American Industries That Will Boom in the Next Decade
Business Insider

Full-service restaurants. Number employed in 2008: 4,598,000. Number employed in 2018 (est.): 4,942,000. Percentage growth: 7.5%. [READ MORE]

Fastest Growing Jobs in America

The number of registered nurses is expected to swell to 3.2 million by 2018, accounting for approximately 581,500 new jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That's up from 2.6 million today, and it represents the largest overall growth projection out of all occupations in the U.S. economy, for good reason. [READ MORE]

Debt U
Zac Bissonnette

Debt Free U is a new book written by college student Zac Bissonnette. It's a great resource for prospective college students and their parents. Zac says college is about building a flexible foundation for your life, but acquiring a foundation of debt to pay for college is not the way to go. He also says the smartest kids in the U.S. are not those "at Yale," but those who attend community colleges, because they save so much money. [READ MORE]

Make $30 an Hour Without a Four-Year Degree
Yahoo! Hot Jobs-by Thea Nyberg,

For job seekers without a four-year degree, breaking the $25-an-hour barrier can be a challenge. But with more technical certification and associate's degree programs than ever, many well-paying career options are accessible in a broad range of industries. [READ MORE]

America depends on community colleges
The Suffolk News-Herald

As an extension of last week's column focusing on Virginia's community colleges, following are highlights on community colleges across the nation, derived from data available as of January 2009 from the website for the American Association of Community Colleges. [READ MORE]

Worst Reasons to Choose a College

Everybody chooses the College he/she attends for different reasons. Although you may choose your college for what you feel are the right reasons, beware of these "no no's" when it comes time for you to make your final decision. [READ MORE]

Completing the FAFSA

Guide from the U.S. Department of Education [READ MORE]

What students need to know about community colleges

Students need to recognize that community college is college, and it requires prerequisite skills best gained in high school. While community colleges provide higher education for all, they nonetheless have standards that students must meet to advance academically. [READ MORE]

Summer Plans for Students

Summer break is a perfect opportunity for your students to gain experience through paid or volunteer jobs, internships, and other summer activities—pursuits that can also demonstrate a student's sense of responsibility to college admissions officers. How can you help your students choose the most rewarding summer activities? [READ MORE]

What Makes You Different From Other Jobs Seekers?
by Anthony Balderrama,

In the interest of spreading the word about your unparalleled qualifications and stunning personality, we've compiled some questions you should ask yourself at each stage of the job-hunting process. Some of these questions can apply to each stage. [READ MORE]

What You Need On-Hand to Complete the FAFSA
by Mike Pugh,

Once you've assembled all the necessary materials, filling out the FAFSA should be a fairly simple task. [READ MORE]

Common Errors on Financial Aid Applications

Making a mistake on the FAFSA can delay the processing of your application, because it takes an additional 2-3 weeks to process a corrected application. [READ MORE]

10 Hot Professions for 2009
by Joy Victory,

As the global economy continues to falter, job prospects for 2009 are expected to slow. But if you're lucky enough to be in one of these top fields, your job future is still quite bright. [READ MORE]

Top 10 Careers Requiring Two Years of Training (or Less)
by Joe Taylor Jr., Yahoo Education

Changing your job doesn't always have to mean completing a four-year degree. With help from government statisticians, we've compiled a list of ten exciting, well-paying jobs that you can start with just a high school diploma and an associate's degree. [READ MORE]

No Outsourcing Here: Jobs That Are Staying Put
by Kelly McCarthy,

For U.S. businesses seeking to cut costs, outsourcing is an increasingly popular practice. Jobs initially sent offshore were mostly manufacturing jobs, but nowadays employers are taking advantage of all types of cheap labor overseas. [READ MORE]

6 Job-Hunting Advantages
by Tom Musbach, Yahoo! HotJobs

How to Beat Pessimism and Get an Edge in a Tight Market: Pessimism among U.S. job seekers has risen because of the troubled economy, but experts say the downturn shouldn't discourage people who want to find a new or better job. [READ MORE]

Job Hunting in an Unsteady Economy: 7 Tips for Success
by Tom Musbach, Yahoo! HotJobs

Whether or not the U.S. economy has hit a recession, one thing is clear these days: Uncertainty is in the air, and it affects nearly every economic sector, including the job market. [READ MORE]

More Students Are Pursuing Two-Year Degrees To Save the Rising Price of Higher Tuition
Cityview - Central Iowa's Independent Weekly

Cityview examines a cost effective alternative to a four-year degree and talks with some DMACC graduates. [READ MORE]

Nutrition Tips for College Freshmen
Yahoo Education & Peterson's

What is the purpose of eating nutritious food? Indeed, you'll look good. But while vanity as a motivator is perfectly acceptable, making your insides beautifully healthy is even more important, especially for college students. [READ MORE]

Associate Degrees: A Beginner's Guide
Yahoo Education & Peterson's

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median weekly earnings of associate degree holders in 2007 were $740, compared to $604 for those with only a high school diploma. That's a difference of over $7,000 each year! [READ MORE]

Consider a Career in Law
Yahoo Education & Peterson's

Have you always known that you wanted to be a lawyer? Or is becoming a lawyer in the back of your mind, something you might eventually consider? [READ MORE]

Nursing: one of America's Fastest Growing Professions
Yahoo Education & Peterson's

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 2 million jobs for nurses in the country, and the profession is one of the 10 occupations projected to have the largest numbers of new jobs in the coming years. [READ MORE]

Why Start at a 2-Year College?
Yahoo Education & Peterson's

Among the students attending two-year colleges are a large number who began their higher education knowing they would eventually transfer to a four-year school to obtain their bachelor's degree. [READ MORE]

Your First Year of College: 25 Tips to Help You Survive and Thrive Your Freshman Year and Beyond
By Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.,

The transition to college means starting with a clean academic slate. Learn the skills that will help you not only succeed in college, but also in your future career. [READ MORE]

College Tips for Nontraditional Students
By Kathleen Carmichael, Ph.D., FastWeb

Being a college student can be stressful enough, let alone being a nontraditional student who may have to commute and need a flexible schedule. Learn about scheduling courses that work for you and preparing yourself for continuing your formal education. [READ MORE]

Scholarship and Grant Tips for Nontraditional Students
By Jose Vasquez, FastWeb

Each life experience-positive or negative-is a lesson learned. Those lessons should be the theme in your scholarship essays and applications. Put your best foot forward and make your strengths shine through. You will be surprised at the effect it has on your applications... and your wallet! [READ MORE]

Going to College
By Mary L. Gavin, MD, KidsHealth (June 2005)

Being college bound means lots of changes happening in your life. The stress of being away from home, meeting roommates, and making new friends can really add up on top of stressing about classes and homework. It is important to keep yourself healthy by getting adequate sleep, eating healthy, and working out. These tips will help you stay healthy and keep your sanity. [READ MORE]

Myths About Attending Community College
The High School Graduate

Nationally, 40 percent of all traditional-age college students start out at community college, according to the U.S. Department of Education. So let's bust five of the most common myths about community colleges and let the truth speak for itself. [READ MORE]

Community Colleges Are Key to Shoring Up the U.S. Economy, Report Says
Reprinted with permission from: The Chronicle of Higher Education

Community-college students need more financial aid, the colleges themselves need more money, and both need to achieve higher standards of success. Meeting those demands is key to improving the competitiveness of the American work force in today's global economy, says a report scheduled to be released by the College Board today. [READ MORE]

Study Shows Students Who Complete Associate's Degree Earn More Money
Reprinted with permission from: Iowa Department of Education (07.23.2007)

Iowa Department of Education and ISU research shows community college students who complete their two-year degree have higher earnings than students who do not. If Iowa State University (ISU) researcher Dr. Frankie Santos Laanan were to offer community college students advice based on his recent study, it would be simple: Stay in school. [READ MORE]

Who's afraid of paying for college?
By Jean Chatzky, Money Magazine (05.22.2006)

What scares parents most when it comes to the safety of their family? Terrorism? No. Crime? Negative. Violent video games? The environment? Not even close. [READ MORE]

3 steps to the new you
By Jean Chatzky, Money Magazine (04.30.2007)

Pursuing the career of your dreams can involve more money issues than you might imagine. [READ MORE]