Continuing Education
Drinking Drivers Classes

DMACC is approved by the Department of Education to offer Driving Under the Influence classes for persons charged and convicted of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

The purpose of the program is to teach participants facts about alcohol use and abuse, and through education to encourage low risk choices in the use of alcohol.

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Iowa Code Chapter 32IJ.22 (Operating While Intoxicated) requires completion of the following for reinstatement of a driver's license:

  • Complete the 12-hour Iowa Course for Drinking and Driving (DUI).
  • Complete a substance abuse evaluation at a substance abuse program licensed under Chapter 125 and follow any treatment recommendations of the evaluation.
  • Pay a civil penalty, reinstatement fee, pass required examinations, and any additional requirements.

Some students may be assigned to take a residential weekend program in lieu of jail requirements [Section 321J.2, subsection 2, paragraph a, subparagraph (1), 2003 Code Supplement].