College Communications
Web Info System

DMACC's Web Info Systemprovides a convenient method for students to maintain their personal information and obtain their academic information via the Internet.

From the Personal Information tab, students may

  • Change PIN
  • View or Update personal email address
  • View or Update mailing address, phone numberand emergency information
  • View name changeand Social Security number

From the Student and Financial Aid tab, students may

  • Apply for admissions
  • Register for classes
  • View academic records
  • Purchase textbooks online
  • View Financial Aid
  • Review Student Account charges and payments

Steps to access and use the Web Info System

  1. Go to the DMACC website at Click on Login in the upper right corner of the page. Click on the Web Info System link under the Students column.
  2. At the bottom of the page, next to DMACC ID Number, enter DMACC ID or Social Security number. Next to PIN, enter 6-character Personal Identification Number (PIN). (This was mailed upon admission to DMACC).
  3. First time login will require creation of a new six-character PIN (numbers or letters) and creation oftwo security questions and answers to aid in resetting the PIN if forgotten.
  4. At the Main Menu page there are various tabs across the top that will allow the student to navigatethe variouspages. The following are the most frequently used pages of the Web Info System.
    • Update Address or Phone: Click on the Personal Information tab and then Update Address(es) and Phone(s). Make sure personal address and phone numbers are correct. If correct: Click on the Return to Menu link (top right corner of the screen). If not correct: Click on Update Existing Address link next to Mailing/Current Residence address. This returns to the Update/Insert screen. Fill in all areas on the form that need updating and click on Submit. Click on the Return to Menu link (top right corner of the screen) or the Personal Information tab.
    • Check Transfer Credit: Click on the Student and Financial Aid tab. To determine if transfer credit has been evaluated from another college, click on Student Records, and then click on Academic Transcript.
    • Add/Drop classes: Click on the Student and Financial Aid tab, click on Registration, click on Add/Drop Classes. Choose appropriate semester and click on Submit. Follow the instructions on the Register For or Add/Drop Classes page.
    • Verify Class Schedule: Once the Current Schedule has been entered and is correct, scroll to the bottom of the Register For or Add/Drop Classes screen, click on Week at a Glance. If classes from the Current Schedule are not seen, scroll to the bottom and choose a different Date Range. Print a copy of the Current Schedule by clicking on Detail Schedule and print. Students are responsible for the accuracy of the schedule.
    • Verify Account Balance: Scroll to the bottom of the Register For or Add/Drop Classes and click on Registration Fee Assessment. Select Access QuikPay, select View Accounts and select Current Statement. Click on PDF to view an d print yourbill.
    • Pay Account Balance: If students wish to pay their bill online, they may do so by credit card payment or electronic check (echeck) or by setting up a payment plan. At the bottom of the Registration Fee Assessment page, click on Credit Card or eCheckPayment or Online Payment Plan and follow the steps.
    • Financial Aid: If students have Financial Aid information they want to view, click on the Student and Financial Aid tab, then click on Financial Aid.
  5. To log out, click on Exit in the upper right-hand corner and then click on Return to Homepage. This will log the student out of the system.
  6. For assistance on any of the above, contact TechSupport at or 515-965-7300.