Iowa Culinary Institute

Iowa Culinary Institute
The Iowa Culinary Institute™ (ici™) at Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) is where education and excellence go hand in hand. The Iowa Culinary Institute blends the DMACC Culinary Arts program with the community to create unforgettable culinary experiences for you.


Our institute is Iowa's premier culinary program and offers opportunities for the public to experience the culinary world at DMACC and participate in activities involving our Culinary Arts students and staff.


These opportunities include:

  • Gourmet Dinners - Join us for any of our five-course, themed meals that will offer you a world-class dining experience. These gourmet dinners, prepared by DMACC Culinary Arts students and Culinary Arts faculty, are a hallmark of the Iowa Culinary Institute (ici). These exquisite dinners are offered from September through May.
  • Bistro - If you're looking for a great lunchtime experience, come to the Iowa Culinary Institute to enjoy a gourmet lunch dining experience weekdays from September through May. Meals are prepared by Culinary Arts students at DMACC.
  • French Chef's Exchange Gourmet Dinner Experience - This is one of the crown jewels of DMACC's Culinary Arts program. Our special French Chef's gourmet dinners, prepared by chefs from St. Eitenne, France, are part of our international culinary exchange program for students. It's an exquisite dining experience.
  • Travel to France with Culinary Arts students - Here is your chance to enjoy some of the finest French gourmet dining while touring France with other friends of DMACC and Culinary Arts students who are on an 11-day culinary arts internship in France.

The institute's name was inspired by our French connection. "ici" is the French word for "here." The abbreviated name of the Iowa Culinary Institute, ici, reminds students to come ici (come here) for a world-class culinary education. We hope you will visit "ici" at our facilities on the Ankeny campus of DMACC.


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January 21, 2015 Our French chefs have arrived!

More information on our French Chef Exchange.