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Architectural Technologies
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Michael Gatzke
Program Chair
Architectural Technologies Program
(515) 964-6593
Architectural Technologies

Join one of the ten fastest growing industries in the United States!

​​(​, February 2015)

"We receive more job postings EACH MONTH than there are students in the program!"

​​(Michael Gatzke, Program Chair Architectural Technologies Program)

Architectural Technologies is for the person who wants to:​

  • work on a team alongside architects, engineers, contractors, and product manufacturers.
  • gain knowledge and skills to develop the specialized documents for building projects.
  • be part of the creation of a building that people will live in, work in, and appreciate for many years.

The Architectural Technologies Program is designed to develop the proper knowledge, manual and computer skills required for satisfactory entrance into the field of architectural drafting/modeling and detailing.

This industry has grown beyond CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) and is now embracing BIM (Building Information Modeling). The Architectural Technologies Program​ has been teaching BIM since January 2002.

Graduates are employed by architects; structural, mechanical and electrical engineers; contractors, subcontractors and building equipment and material suppliers. Students visit a construction sites to observe actual construction practices and tour architectural offices.

This program is offered on the DMACC Ankeny Campus with select classes offered on our other campuses. You may receive a Diploma and/or an Associates degree.​​​




The Architectural Technologies Program​ is changing! 
by Gatzke, Mike L.No presence information
 4/8/2015 3:12 PM
With Governor Branstad's initiative to move the K-12 school year later so not to interfere with the Iowa State fair, the Architectural Technologies Program is being redesigned to start in the fall semester instead of the summer as it has in years past....