Microcomputers Certificate

This certificate is designed for people who desire to learn about operating and networking systems and who have strong business computer applications skills in word processing, spreadsheets and databases. It is most appropriate for people employed in small businesses where the employer wants employees to upgrade their business computer applications skills and assume responsibility for a network.

What is a Specialist Certificate?

It is a short-term credit program intended to provide you with the latest information and skills needed to function more effectively in your job or to update your skills for employment possibilities. It will provide you and an employer with evidence of your continued education in a specific occupational area. The education you gain will increase your ability to function in a given area and broaden your skills.

Required Courses

Select a minimum of 6 credits from Option 1

Course # Course Name Option Credits
BUS 102 Introduction to Business 3
CIS 125 Intro to Programming Logic w/Lang 3
CSC 110 Intro to Computers 3
BCA 113 Computer Network Literacy 3
ACC 131 Principles of Accounting I Opt 1 4
ACC 132 Principles of Accounting II Opt 1 4
ACC 311 Computer Accounting Opt 1 3
ACC 361 Accounting Spreadsheets Opt 1 3
CIS 413 COBOL II Opt 1 4
CIS 604 Visual BASIC Opt 1 3
CIS 612 Advanced Visual BASIC Opt 1 3
CIS 161 C++ Opt 1 3
CIS 164 Advanced C++ Opt 1 3
CIS 303 Introduction to Data Base Opt 1 3
CIS 332 Data Base and SQL Opt 1 3
CIS 338 SQL/Oracle Opt 1 3
CIS 346 Data Base Design Opt 1 3
Total credits required to complete this certificate 21

The majority of these credits are applicable to the AS degree in Accounting Information Systems and the AAS degree in Business Information Systems.

What Kind of Work Will You Do?

  • Install and maintain networks
  • Add and/or modify software to the network
  • Identify appropriate computer hardware and software
  • Troubleshoot problems people have with applications software

What Skills and Abilities Will You Need?

  • Meet deadlines, handle pressure and work without supervision
  • Concentrate for long periods of time
  • Communicate with technical and nontechnical staff
  • Analyze and diagnose problems
  • Understand highly technical manuals and information

What Else Should I Consider about this Specialist Certificate?

  • Average starting salary $25,500
  • You can complete this certificate online - Learn more