DMACC Business and Technology Program

 Business and Technology Programs

Are you creative? Do you thrive on problem-solving? Do you enjoy being efficient? Do you find it stimulating to multi-task? Do you like helping other people? Do you have a knack for writing and editing? Can you communicate well on the phone and when using e-mail? Do you like managing schedules?

If so, you would make an excellent candidate for an office career! Please click the links to the left (or below) to study the details of the programs offered within the Administrative & Medical Office department.

The Administrative & Medical Office programs offer credit courses that prepare students with entry-level skills to more advanced skills needed for promotion. The programs have options of earning a degree, a diploma, or a certificate. Classes are offered in the traditional face-to-face setting in both day and evening as well as online.

Our goals and vision focus on each student's needs. It is recommended for every 1 credit you take, plan to spend 2 hours on study time per week. For example, if you are enrolled in 12 credits, plan to spend 24 hours/week on studying outside of class. Students who deny themselves study time due to work, play, or other obligations, decrease the likelihood of their success in the program—Administrative Office Professional AAS, Medical Office Specialist AAS, Administrative Office Professional Diploma, Medical Office Specialist Diploma, Office/Clinic Support Assistant Certificate, and the Medical Insurance & Coding Certificate.

The Administrative & Medical Office programs offer the following options. Click on an option below for more information.