Early Childhood Education Associate Degree

Students completing the Early Childhood Education diploma program plus the additional requirements listed will earn an early Childhood Education Associate in Science degree. They may choose to transfer to a four-year institution or take one of the many jobs available in early childhood education. This program is not intended for students who are in Elementary Education.

Students who intend to transfer to a four-year institution should contact the Early Childhood Education program chair or program counselor to obtain information about articulation agreements.

DHS criminal history record checks will be completed on each student. Criminal convictions or documented history of abuse will prevent students from participating in practicum and participation experiences. Students unable to complete these classes will not receive a degree in Early Childhood Education.

What Kind of Work Will I Do?

  • Plan and carry out activities for the children in your group.
  • Conduct group-time experiences in language, music, and creative movement.
  • Supervise snack and lunch times.
  • Assist children in the development of self-help skills.
  • Supervise outdoor play time the year round.
  • Be responsible for the health and safety of the children in your group.
  • Conduct conferences with parents.
  • Carry out administrative duties of a child care center.

What Else Should I Consider about this Program or Career Choice?

  • Students need transportation to both Practicum experiences.
  • Late afternoon and evening classes are also required.
  • Expected starting salary $17,660-$24,000 ($8.83-$12.80/hour) (Iowa Workforce Information Network).

Selected courses in this program are offered at other campuses.