Tool and Diemaking Program

HAAS EC300Program Overview

The Tool and diemaking program prepares students to meet demands for qualified personnel in either conventionally controlled or computer numerical controlled (CNC) tooling industry.

There is one certificate, one diploma, and one degree option available.

CNC Operator Certificate
[First two terms: 18 credits]

CNC Operators are entry-level jobs that require a technician to interact with CNC machining equipment, loading and unloading parts with minor modifications to the machine settings. The CNC Operator certificate provides students with the knowledge and skills needed for an entry-level CNC machine operator position. Classes are held at the Ankeny Campus, Monday-Thursday, after 4 p.m. [DETAILS]

HAAS SL10Machinist Technology Diploma
[First year: 48 credits]

Machinist Technology graduates should have the skills required to work in a general machine shop, using both manual and CNC equipment. This program is modular, so you can take classes based on the individual processes you want to learn about, and not have to take the entire program if you are not interested in a degree. Classes are smaller units and focus on specific equipment. Classes are held at the Ankeny Campus, Monday-Thursday, during daytime hours starting at 8 a.m. [DETAILS]

Diemaking Diploma, Tool & Diemaking AAS Degree
[84 credits total]

By completing the two diploma options plus one course, students may receive a Tool & Diemaking AAS degree. [DETAILS]

For more information contact:

Sheila Aukes
Program Counselor
Mark Rosenberry, Chairperson
Tool & Die Program