Viticulture Certificate

VineyardThis certificate is designed to train students with basic skills for working in a commercial vineyard.

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These courses will be offered in a blended format so that those working full time or not within a daily commuting distance can take them. If interested contact Randall Vos at or call 515-965-7310.

Viticulture Courses

  • Intro to Starting a Vineyard: VIN101
  • Intro to Bearing Vineyards: VIN102
  • Intro to Vineyard Pest Management: VIN103
  • Viticulture for Wine Production: VIN104
  • Vineyard Field Experience: VIN 920

Typical Viticulture Yearly Course Offering

  • Fall Semester: VIN101, VIN 920
  • Spring Semester: VIN102, VIN 920
    (VIN101 possibly offered if sufficient demand)
  • Summer Term: VIN 103, VIN104, VIN 920

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