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Ankeny Wind Turbine Webcam

​​​​The DMACC Wind Turbine became operational January 5, 2011, as a teaching tool for DMACC's Wind Turbine Technician Program.

  • Blade rotation will begin with average wind speeds of approximately 12 MPH.
  • Blade rotation will stop when average wind speeds fall below 9 MPH.
  • The maximum rotation speed of the hub and blade assembly is 50 RPM.
  • The maximum rotational speed of the generator shaft is 1200 RPM.
  • The maximum electrical generation is approximately 100KW.

If you have comments or questions about the turbine, email Scott Ocken.

» Wind Turbine Technician Program Information

The webcam takes a few minutes to load...
Please note: Use Chrome or Firefox as your browser to view the webcam. The webcam is not compatible with Internet Explorer.