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Course Descriptions

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsDescriptionCompetencies
WTT103Introduction to Wind Energy3To provide the student with knowledge of common terminology and general information related to the wind industry. The student will become familiar with the various types of turbines, the technology, sectors, jobs and organizations as well as an outlook on the future of the wind industry. Prerequisite or corequisite: WTT 223 or instructor approvalView Competencies
WTT114Field Training and Project Oper5Course includes information corresponding to industry practices and standards of safe operations of a wind power generating facility, including the techniques of proper ascent and descent of wind turbine generators, day-to-day operations and the infrastructure that is in place as part of a typical power plant. Course also includes tools and equipment used and teamwork, as it applies to operations and maintenance of the facility. Prerequisite: WTT 103View Competencies
WTT133Wind Turbine Mechanical Sys3Course includes the nomenclature and terms common to metals and metallurgy. Instruction will also include gears and gear failure analysis techniques, gear structures, inspection of gears and analysis of lubricants. Course includes discussion of the application of lubricants and proper procedures for acquiring lubricant samples and the effects of friction, gear damage and wear. Prerequisite: WTT 103View Competencies
WTT216Power Generation/Transmission3This course will serve as an introduction to the generation of electrical power with a wind turbine generator, moving that power through a local transmission system to a substation where a customer will purchase the generated power. This course will cover all aspects of working with components of a high-voltage transmission system. Prerequisite: ELT 303, 131.View Competencies
WTT223Airfoils and Composite Repair3This course will enable the student to more efficiently inspect, repair and move/transport wind turbine blades. Students will understand common industry terms used in the manufacture and repair of wind turbine blades. Prerequisite or corequisite: WTT 103 or Instructor ApprovalView Competencies
WTT245Electrical Practical App4This course will provide students with practical wiring exercises involving installation, wiring and troubleshooting of electrical devices and equipment used in, but not specific to, wind turbine control systems. Students will study electrical diagrams, design of electrical systems and electrical safety. Prerequisite: ELT 303, 131. Prerequisite or corequisite: ELT 123View Competencies
WTT247Controls and Troubleshooting4This course will give students information and hands-on practice with wind turbine controls and sensors. Students will learn the control and sensing of the various functions of a wind turbine. Students will perform turbine malfunction troubleshooting with simulation software and lab trainers. Prerequisites: ELT 217, 123, WTT 133, 216, 245View Competencies