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Train the Trainer

The basic premise for success within any company is that we have strong, motivated individuals who work together as a team to achieve common goals. Individuals should be rewarded for their contribution and for the team's contribution. They should also be evaluated fairly, and given opportunity to constantly improve themselves and increase their effectiveness and efficiency.

DMACC Transportation Institute has developed a Train the Trainer/Driver Finishing Program that allows each driver finisher of your training department to evaluate their own progress as well as their apprentice drivers and to utilize the various "management tools" and experienced trainers to help them achieve their short and long term goals. (Some of the companies we have successfully worked with are Ruan Companies, Barr-Nunn Transportation, TMC Transportation, Annett Holdings Inc. etc.) The individuals who have participated in our program at each of these companies found it to be very positive, and that it brought a new level of enthusiasm and productivity to themselves and their companies. We are not coming into your company to "shoot anyone," but rather a positive force-this will be accomplished with your input and help.

The process we go through does require some work and cooperation on your part. We use what we call our "Analysis System" to give you an opportunity to understand your strengths and potential areas of growth in an interesting, unique and organized manner. We will share with you any reports and recommendations that we feel are compatible with your continued growth as a person and driver finisher. We want to build people, not tear them down. The only thing we ask is that you complete the driver trainer analysis as completely and openly as possible.

We couple these individual sessions with training modules. These training modules are designed to be specifically relevant for the driver trainer, apprentice, and company. We will stress how we can use management evaluation techniques to insure the overall productivity of the team. We use a very informal style of training in which we encourage your input and help in solving "opportunities" that you feel need to be handled to insure your highest level of comfort and productivity.

Driver Finishers Training Modules

Truck driver training instructors are frequently recruited and selected on the basis of technical training and driving experience. Although these instructors are highly competent and are genuinely interested in training, they often lack specific training as instructors.


  1. Develop a course of study
  2. Develop student performance objectives
  3. Develop a unit of instruction
  4. Develop a lesson plan
  5. Conduct group discussions, panel discussions and symposiums
  6. Guide student study
  7. Direct student laboratory
  8. Introduce a lesson
  9. Summarize a lesson
  10. Employ oral questioning techniques
  11. Employ reinforcement techniques
  12. Provide instruction for slower and more capable learners
  13. Present and illustrated talk
  14. Demonstrate a manipulative skill
  15. Demonstrate a concept or principle
  16. Establish student performance criteria
  17. Assess student performance: knowledge
  18. Assess student performance: attitudes
  19. Assess student performance: skills
  20. Determine student grades
  21. Evaluate your instructional effectiveness
  22. Provide for student safety
  23. Provide for the first aid of students
  24. Use conferences to meet student needs
  25. Prepare to work with adult learners
  26. Plan instruction for adults
  27. Manage the adult instructional process
  28. Evaluate the performance of adults

The above modules in our Train the Trainer program is the beginning to your companies Training Departments success. Give your trainers/driver finishers the opportunity to succeed right out of the gate. Trainers need trained also can make a huge difference in safety and retention.

DMACC's Transportation Institute has one, two and three day Train the Trainer programs. Days two and three are hands on in a truck with one of our program specialist. Together they will play different rolls as trainer and/or students where we give your trainers several actual situations they must evaluate and correct.

All Train the Trainer participants are given the following for future reference and records.

  1. Train the Trainer manual
  2. Train the Trainer workbooks
  3. Driver Trainer Analysis (managing for success)
  4. Certificate of Achievement

Please call (515-965-7450 or 800-35DRIVE) or email Dave Pfiffner, Transportation Institute for the following information:

  • Location of classes, your place or ours
  • Class size and cost
  • Scheduling classes
  • Questions, comments, concerns